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UPH Announces the 2014 LIVE! Music Series

As part of Universal Preservation Hall's continued commitment to building energy behind its mission, UPH is introducing a new 'LIVE! Music Series'. For more about this exciting new series, CLICK HERE.

Join Us For 'A Night with the Brubeck Brothers Quartet!' - Tickets on Sale Now!

Universal Preservation Hall is pleased to announce the inaugural performance in our first annual, LIVE Music Series!

August 1, 2014 at 8:00PM : The Brubeck Brothers Quartet is an exciting jazz group featuring two members of one of America’s most accomplished musical families, Dan Brubeck (drums), and Chris Brubeck (bass & trombone). Guitarist Mike DeMicco, and pianist Chuck Lamb complete this dynamic quartet. They have performed at concert series, colleges, and jazz festivals across North America and Europe.  After their June 2014 appearance at the Rochester International Jazz Festival, The City Newspaper wrote:

"Regardless of origin, each piece flowed from the Quartet with impeccable ease. I have never seen an act that felt more at home on stage. Each member's instrument seemed like an extension of his body, and it all came together to create a perfect storm of quick rhythms and complicated chords."

More information CLICK HERE
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I envision the Hall as Saratoga’s living room, as a safe and welcoming gathering place and cultural heart of the city. A place where people of all ages experience the arts, share information and plan events.
— Philip Morris


UPH is community space for arts, entertainment and community events in downtown Saratoga Springs. We are walking distance from all things downtown and are the living room of the community.